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About Trap Rebels 808

Trap Rebels 808 is Fully pvt ltd registered and compliant company. Trap Rebels 808 ltd can assist with planning and implementation of a range of corporate functions and social and outdoor events.

Trap Rebels 808 welcomes local and foreign clients to share the platform with them in planning and hosting their next event. We pride ourselves in working within the small-to-medium size sector; preferring the personal touch inherent to this group.
We are regarded as the best events planing group in manicaland and the nation at large


We :
• Document all discussions,
• Allocate responsibilities,
• Follow up on action dates,
• Ensure that things get done on time and correctly


All arrangements and finalization of facilities, equipment and other logistics and resources are done as per the clients’ request. We handle all necessary correspondence with delegates quickly and efficiently. Assistance id offered with any pre-and post-event tours.

Managing the Event

Trap Rebels 808 s stage-manage the event, treating it as theatrical production, with a wonderful atmosphere, utmost courteously and professionalism at all levels.

Financial Control

We produce budgets and liaise on an ongoing basis with the client to produce a quality event within the designated budget.

Quality Assurance

The future of Trap Rebels 808 depends on our ability to provide customers with products and services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. Our team is fully committed to providing products and services.

Social Responsibility

Trap Rebels 808 acknowledges its responsibility to its clients, the staff and the wider community.
• We will foster healthy relationships with our clients based on honesty and reliability.
• Caring about our communities and environment is the cornerstone of our value base.
• The company contributes to the growth and development of the communities within projects and we believe that education and sports are crucial elements to ensure positive social change.

Work Done And Complete

our Team

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Youngsta KC

Event Organiser

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Malvern Kupex

Music Producer & Disk-Jocker

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Jb Martin

financial director

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Dj Step


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Moses Simango
Dj King Mos


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Tendai Petla
Doc TP

Marketing Director

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